This digital portal presents the activities of the Research Group Education and Virtual Learning (in Spanish,  Grupo de Investigación Enseñanza y Aprendizage Virtual, GREAV) of the University of Barcelona, which has been working on the Plan de Investigación de Catalunya (Catalonia Research Plan), since 1994.

The Group carries out research on new emergent forms of teaching and learning in digital environments. There are two lines of research, which group together the various sub-projects. On the one hand, the study and redefinition of digital alphabetization and multiple phenomenon involved in e learning, including virtual environment design both for higher and secondary education. On the other hand, the development of cognitive tools specifically for virtual teaching and learning.

Links with other groups are included in this digital portal, with various members of GREAV taking part, as well as other professors and research groups such as the Teaching Innovation Group and the Observatory of Digital Education, both from the University of Barcelona.

Grup de Recerca Ensenyament i Aprenentatge Virtual, Universitat de Barcelona, 2011